Peri-Implant Soft Tissue Management

ZimVie – Zimmer Dental Tradition

Workshop SITEA

 Dr. Marco Ronda

Focus: the didactic activity wants describe the surgical procedures neededto increase the missing keratinized tissue band around implants that, had been already activated and loaded or implants that have to be yet uncovered. Furthermore it will describe the modality for soft tissue volume increasing (connective tissue grafting)

Theoretical Part (1 ½ hours)

post GBR soft tissue management in the posterior lower jaw: when it has to be performed?
increasing keratinized tissue band
depth fornix restoring
realignment of the mucogingival line
pre GBR soft tissues management: what treatment should be performed?  
peri-implant Connective tissue grafting: how, when and why.  
how, a free gingival graft, has to be stabilized?
How can we reduce the bleeding from the donor area: strategies and suturing modalities  

Ephitelium connective tissue graft:

Measuring of the grafting site and preparation of the its template
Description of the new palatal grafting technique to avoid damaging of the vascular structures and to grant thin grafts
Technique of suspending suture with the dental buccal anchorage for the blood cloth stabilisation of the donator site
Preparing of the receiving site with the half thickness flap elevation(definition and execution of periosteum bed)
Suturing techniques for the stabilization and the graft compression on the receiving site

Connective Tissue Graft:

Harvesting technique of connective tissue, considerations on the idealdonor area in relationship at the best graft quality
Graft preparation (from epithelium connective tissue to connective tissue) through an superficial de-epithelialization
Continue suturing technique for the blood cloth stabilization of the donorsite
Different suturing techniques for the connective tissue stabilization on the periosteum or bone bed


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Nr. of participants:

15 pers.

Registration fee: 

290 Euro