Dr. Venceslav Stankov

• Lecturer, specializing in periodontics, implantology and microsurgery
• Dentist – he focuses on restoring the gums and soft tissues around the implant and treating periodontal disease with minimal trauma


Dr. Venceslav Stankov is among the most highly regarded dental professionals in Bulgaria.

He leads a team of 24 employees as the head doctor at Dr. Stankov Dental Clinic. His clinical work is focused on end-to-end aesthetic treatment in Dental Medicine, implantology, periodontal plastic microsurgery, periodontal regeneration, and complex prosthetic cases on natural teeth and implants.

Venceslav Stankov is a renowned and influential national lecturer – trendsetter in his field of expertise. He has conducted a number of postgraduate qualification courses in the fields of Parodontology and Prosthodontics. Dr. Stankov won the second prize of the GIDE (Global Institute for Dental Education) one-year master’s program at the University of California, Los Angeles (2013).

His career began after graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry at Plovdiv Medical University (2007). Dr. Stankov is currently following the educational program of Pierpaolo Cortellini and Maurizio Tonetti. He visits the courses of the Zimmer Institute Switzerland. Venceslav Stankov is an active member of the Bulgarian Academy of Dental Aesthetics, the GIDE study club, and the Zimmer Club.