Dr. Horia Barbu

University Professor – Faculty of Dental Medicine at Titu Maiorescu University

• Doctor of Medical Sciences

Primary doctor of dento-alveolar surgery


Graduating from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in 1999, Dr. Horia Barbu practiced dentistry for 4 years as a general practitioner, and in 2004, he started his residency in the specialization “dentoalveolar surgery”. Since 2012, he has been practicing as a primary surgeon, specializing in dentoalveolar surgery.

Professor at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the Titu Maiorescu University of Bucharest, he coordinates the discipline “Oral Implantology” for both the bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Passionate about what he does, Dr. Horia Barbu has participated in recent years in private courses on implantology, held by personalities in the world of implantology, professors from prestigious universities such as Tel Aviv University, New York University, Harvard University, etc., and as a result of these courses, he has acquired and deepened more than 40 advanced surgical techniques necessary for bone and gum reconstruction in order to insert dental implants.

Throughout his career and due to his professional experience, Dr. Barbu is invited as a lecturer at numerous national and international congresses and conferences, where he presents the results of his research or clinical cases.

At present, Dr. Horia Barbu carries out his impressive activity in the “Prof. Dr. Barbu Oral Rehabilitation Clinic” in Bucharest, where he works strictly in the field of implant surgery, specializing in bone augmentation, sinus-lift, complex oral rehabilitation, and cases with a high degree of difficulty.