Dr. Florian Obădan

Lecturer at the Congress of the College of Dentists in Bucharest

• Implantologist at Implant Consult Clinic

• Doctor in Medical Sciences


Passionate about implantology, Dr. Florian Obădan is one of the most successful doctors in Romania. Eager to develop and learn, he has attended numerous courses to specialize in his techniques, practicing in countries such as Romania, India, Georgia, and Armenia.

In 2015, he founded the Implant Consult clinic in the city of Alexandria, which offered a different perspective and approach to the idea of a dental clinic.

He graduated from university in Craiova in 2001, and since then he has been practicing in the field of dentistry. Supported by his family, he attended advanced training courses, and through his perseverance and desire, Dr. Obădan realized in 2009, the first Fast and Fixed implant in Romania, thus contributing to the innovation of a difficult field by applying a safe, predictable treatment, which offers the possibility of recovering teeth in a single day, by implant.